Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Liebs...

No not like the Biebs...although even with his bad boy ways he's still a cutie. Totally off subject lol

I got nominated for a liebster award by Janessa, she's a sweet, sassy southern girl and I just love her!

Here are the questions she asked:

 1. If you run, what's your favorite piece of running gear? I don't run....maybe if I was being chased.  No but seriously I tried it over and over and still hate it..

 2. Where are you going for summer vacation this year? Disneyworld!!!! I'm excited for the kids.  I wish I was headed to a beach by myself or maybe with my manfriend

 3. What is something you have pinned on Pinterest and actually made? I have made MANY MANY things from pinterest.  I could make you lists!

 4. What is one thing on your bucket list?  I want to go to Ireland for weeks and explore it all.  Don't ask why, it has always been a dream of mine

 5. How did you meet your significant other?  Karaoke.  I used to go 4-5 times a week

 6. What's your favorite current tv show?  I watch like a hundred but if I had to choose my current favorite that I look forward to every week it would be The Blacklist!  I'm hooked

 7. What is a random fact about you that most people don't know?  I am a quote lover.  If you go on my pinterest 85% of my posts are quotes.  I am also a song lyric lover.  I hear what most people don't.  I pay attention to the words

 8. Why did you start blogging?  I actually started blogging because I read I could make money off of it haha man was I stupid.  You can but it's not so easy.  Now I just do it so I can look back and remember

 9.  What is your favorite piece of clothing?  my slippers! Yep I'm a weirdo.  My feet are always cold so my slippers are my Bff

 10. What's the last text in your phone say?  I had sent a picture to my sister of her and I in Mexico in 1999 and she said "We were so brown and cute" lol

I'm not nominating anyone but if you want to answer the same questions either in the comments or on your own blog please do! Just let me know so I can read them!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm the kind of girl who....

Buys a planner so that I don't forget things and forgets to use it.....

Searches my whole car for my sunglasses and finally realizes they were on my head the whole time...

Writes everything down, EVERYTHING!  I love making lists just to cross things off....

Leaves her purse at home but always remembers her food....and happens to work 50 miles away from home

Lives in pajamas....or scrubs

Would pick cowboy boots over any other shoes in the world, they are the comfiest shoes EVER

Curses like a fucking sailor and doesn't care what anyone thinks...what?!

Sits on pinterest for hours at a's like crack

Would much rather eat turkey bacon than real bacon, I must be nuts but I can't get enough

Lost my birth control....yep I did that. Anyone else as much as a fucktard as me? haha

What about you?  What kind of girl or guy are you?? Anyone else do stupid stuff that they laugh at their self about?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

21 day fix results and a little bit of everything

The tagline for the 21 day fix is "It takes 21 days to create a habit" and it is so true.  Yesterday was my 21st day and I thought oh a chocolate chip cookie to end it will be great...Umm NO!  I was sick to my stomach ALL night.  That's great news for anyone who is interested in doing the fix.  It trains your stomach to like the stuff that is good for you.  I decided today was going to be a break day.  Not a day to eat crap but if I want to eat more fruit or carbs today I was going to let it happen.  I packed my lunch and realized I packed it just like I did for the fix.  I guess that's what my body wants!!

I am restarting it tomorrow but with some of my own rules lol  Nothing huge but I am taking a rest day every week.  I also have birthday parties and Disneyworld in that time.  I'm not going to get crazy at those times but I'm not going to stress out if I don't eat perfect or miss a workout.  Are you tired of me babbling yet and want to see my results??

Some of you already saw this on instagram.  The place I always tone up right away whenever I decide to workout for more than a week at a time is my face, chest and shoulders. 

Don't mind that the bottom 2 pics are switched...oops

It doesn't look like much in the pictures but here are my before and afters:

Before weight: 129.4

Left Arm before: 10.5 in
after:10 in

R Arm before:11 in
after:10 in

R thigh before:21.5
after: 20.5

L thigh before:21.25

Stomach before:34
after: 31

Hips before: 38

Total inches:7.5 inches-I am pretty damn proud of that!

I have had a lot going on lately and am completely surprised the stress didn't affect my results!

My sweet grandpa died on Saturday:(  He was almost 90 and had lived his life so we were really glad the poor thing didn't have to suffer.  I went to see him on Cinco De Mayo and they were having  a party.  I walked in to find him drinking a beer and he was so excited.

In the last couple of years he hadn't been able to do much (wheelchair, oxygen, etc..)and he almost never wanted to leave his bed so to see him participating in this party brought joy to my heart! 

They were hitting a piñata and at first he just wanted to watch but somehow we convinced him to hit it, he's always been a baseball fan/player so I knew he would knock one of out the park (yeah I said that).

He knocked that piñatas head off!  It was a great afternoon and I'm so glad I got to have those moments with him before he died. 

Sunday wasn't just Mother's Day for me it was the anniversary of my son's death/ his birthday.  We usually celebrate by sending balloons up for him and singing Happy Birthday.  It just happened that my grandpa died the day before so we sent some up for both of them.  I am one of those people that believes in signs.  One of the happy birthday balloons took ahold of a heart balloon as it went up and they never separated.  It was as if my son was pulling my Grandpa up to Heaven<3

What about you? Believe in signs? Questions about the fix?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Swag Swap

I got paired with Mercedes from The Rodger's Peeps and really enjoyed getting to know her!

She just recently graduated college, adopted a beautiful little girl and is married to her high school sweetheart!  She is a sweetheart and I could imagine how wonderful she would be in person!

She sent me....

BRONCO STUFF! I am not a fan or anything...

The funny thing is I was just saying how I needed a new couch blanket that actually covers my body.  Why do they make couch blankets so small?  Anyway the banner will come in handy and the blanket is soft and warm!

I will definitely be participating in more swag swaps, it's so much fun getting to know new people and then shopping for fun stuff to send them!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Confessions of a desperate 21 Day Fixer


Ok maybe not desperate but hungry??? Yes ALOT!  I keep seeing this e-card....
img_4230.png (960×640)
And yes some days there is way too much food, SOME DAYS and then other days I am hangry.  I think it depends on my activity level.  They tell you how much to eat based on a formula and I discovered I had to go up a bracket and add more food because I am always active.  I was literally starving the first days and was pretty sure I would give up.  After adding in some more food I felt much better.
My biggest issue? Vegetables.  I really kind of hate them haha
So confessions:
* I may have 3 servings of veggies instead of 4 a day...sue me...nobody wants veggies for a bedtime snack puhlease
* I had a garage sale all weekend so that was the first time I haven't worked out through the whole thing.  I mean have you ever had a garage sale? It's a lot of work and I felt like I got a workout in both days.
* Last night after my garage sale I had 3 glasses of wine and some doritos.  Yep backslider lol  That was the only time I have done that in 13 days and I'm pretty proud of that.  Considering I am stressed to the max with packing and moving for the 4th time in a year...yes 4th!  I should write a how to book on packing, moving and unpacking, I should be at expert status by now.  Anyway I am proud I haven't done that any other time and today I woke up and just got back to it! 
* I skip yoga days....Anyone else just loathe yoga?  It bores the crap out of me
All in all I absolutely LOVE this program.  So much I'm considering being a coach, but then I don't have time for that so I will just keep on keepin on! 
I'm hoping to be back to share some yummy things I have been eating this week!  Hope everyone has a great Cinco De Mayo...wish I was drinking some margaritas and eating some tacos!!
Any exercise you just can't stand?