Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Update x2

Last weekend was one of my favorites...why you ask?  Because I don't know if you heard or not but....
Yeah Buddy!!! Superbowl 2014!!!
My little Bronco fan was ready! Go Oncos (as she would say)
Last weekend I went to the Stock Show....if you have never been it is a must!  I love rodeos, maybe because I'm such a country girl but it's exciting and those cowboy butts...

We had really great seats!

Christy and I wanted a picture in front of some horses asses....the guy taking the picture didn't think it was as funny as we did!

This weekend I did almost nothing

Friday- Went to IKEA.....oh how I could spend hours in that place!  I wanted something to organize my niece's toys with.

*Side note: Never take a 2 year old to IKEA. You will thank me later.  We had tantrums and she even set off the elevator alarms.....yep I needed an adult beverage after that.

Anyway I got this bench with a pull out drawer, kind of like a toy box


How do kids accumulate so much crap??!!
I also did a little decorating
Pinterest inspired
Like Aunt, Like Niece...she loves to sing

Flip Flops and Snow....Only in Colorado

A little couponing trip....I got these for 1.24 a piece.

I also screwed up my spending freeze with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!!

I've been wanting to then got some child support (the first time in almost 11 years) and said why not?? It's good to do stuff for myself sometimes!

I am starting February 3rd, the day after the Superbowl because you know I will be drinking and eating as many bad things as I can that day!  God help me, no wine for 24 days??!!

I'd be a skinny bitch
I will be posting all my meals and updates during the challenge.  I've been sucking at blogging, eating right and working out so I'm hoping keeping myself accountable will be what I need!
Happy Monday!! Hope you have a great week:)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sick of being sick and Weekly Goals

My weekend blew and not in a good way haha except friday

Friday-I went to dinner with Nicole, had margaritas, then back to her house for wine and a dance party!  See what I started? Wine/ Dance parties in the living room lol She had to work the next day so we didn't stay up too late.

The next morning I laid in her bed until noon.  I have been sick for almost two weeks and needed it so bad.  I watched an extreme couponing marathon and cursed Colorado for being a cheap state!

I went and visited a friend then back to Nicole's.  I dyed her hair, we went through her closet and she gave me a whole new wardrobe.  Seriously girlfriend has WAY too many clothes.

Speaking of....she gave me these shorts

They are a size 7 and barely fit my legs.  My goal is to get in them and be comfortable by summer.  That's doable right?!  The problem for me is no matter how much weight I lose I always end up in a size 9. Why? because my waist is a size 7 and my ass is a size 9 hahaha  "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."

Sunday I went to the doctor and found out I had a double ear infection and a sinus infection.  Fun stuff. No wonder I was miserable.  They gave me antibiotics so maybe just maybe I can start working out again.

So these were last weeks goals:
Goals for the week:


*Workout three times this week(I f I am feeling better)-Fail
*Eat clean 80% of the time-Fail
*No intentional sugar (cake, ice cream, donuts, cookies)-Yep Fail


*Make canvas pics for my living room-Fail
*Clean my oven-Fail


* Eat from the pantry for a week out of the month to save on groceries-Not yet

Let's see if we can do better this week ay? My jeans actually came unbuttoned today....eek

Goals for the week:


*Workout three times this week
*Meal plan


*Organize all my craft stuff
*Clean my oven


*Back to no spend January.  I have failed at that because I've spent over 100 on doctors and medicine the last 2 weeks:/
*Eat from the pantry-except milk we need milk

I didn't crazy this week!  I can do this.

Have a great day:)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Saving Mula$$$

So I have been a thrifty person for some time now.  I LOVE to save money! Love it!  It was really hard at first to go from spending 600 a month on groceries to only 200.  But can you imagine saving 400 a month?? Or to go from your electric bill being 150 to 60??  I have done that and I wish I had calculated the amount I have saved over the years.  Maybe I will do that this year but here are some ways I did it.

*Groceries-This is the easiest way to save money, it just takes a little time and planning.  I know that seems like a lot of work for some people but if you want to save money you will do it.
       -I shop from the weekly ad.  I know that sometimes you will need more than what is on sale but I try to plan meals around the ad.
      -MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT.  Seriously I can go shopping with my list and know exactly how much money I will spend at checkout.
     -Use coupons.  If you don't have time for it, then don't.  I don't save as much as I used to with coupons but I figure a couple dollars is better than nothing!  I usually make my list, go through my coupons and use what I have.
     -Meal plan.  Plan a meal for every night and go through your fridge, freezer and pantry to see what you already have.  Most people buy doubles and triples of things and don't even realize it.  Use what you have.
    -Meal Prep.  Once a week I make breakfast (oatmeal, pancakes, and boiled eggs), I also make Rice, Quinoa and pasta.  Once a month I cook a whole chicken, roast and beans in the crock pot.  I split it up and freeze it.  Then I just throw things together for dinner.  It keeps me from eating junk food all the time or eating out if I already have food in the fridge!
     -Make your own....mayo, ketchup, yogurt, peanut butter, applesauce, salad dressing.  Not only is it healthier for you, it's cheaper.

*Gas Bill-I know some of you don't have a gas stove but I do and they are my favorite.  To save on gas I only dry my clothes for half the time then dry them on an indoor clothesline, If I am going to use the oven I look at what I will use the oven for the rest of the week and cook it all at the same time.  I also keep the water heater at medium so that my water isn't too hot and using a lot of gas.

*Electric Bill-I do not keep things plugged in if I am not using them.  It is amazing how much energy your cell phone charger uses when it is plugged in but not being used.  I don't leave the toaster, microwave, coffeemaker, computer, etc...plugged in.
-Lights!  I have a 10 year old that doesn't understand the concept of turning them off so what do I do?  I charge him a quarter every time he  leaves them on. Nothing hurts an almost pre-teen more than his pocketbook.
-Heat-I know some people like the heat high but I do not! I like it low, I sleep better and even breathe better.  I figure if someone is cold put on a sweat shirt.  I live in my sweats and slippers.  Another great thing is cleaning your filter before the cold really starts.  It keeps your furnace working more efficiently.
-Laundry-Use cold water!

*Water Bill- I used to take long showers, why because they feel great...not so great on the pocket book.  A 20 minute shower on average is 50 gallons of water....30 minutes is 75...ponder that for a minute. All I can imagine is gallon jugs....that's ALOT.  We went from 5 people using WAY too much water and my water bill being 180 a month to 3 people and 80 dollars...less than half.  The two that left were taking 20-40 minute showers...ouch.  I am still working on this with laundry and dishes.  I wash as many dishes as possible by hand so I don't have to run the dishwasher so much. 

*Home Decor-This is easy!  Make your own...curtains, pictures, picture frames, furniture etc... Check out my pinterest for a million and one ideas.

*Gifts-This can get ridiculously expensive.  My first thought is always get creative or make your own.  If you don't have time for this at least recycle gift bags and tissue paper.  I literally save ALL of mine.  As far as cards go I usually make my ten year old make a card for people out of construction paper and whatever he can find.  If not I buy the .99 cent ones.  They usually get thrown away so why are you going to buy a 5 dollar card that will just get trashed?  My last suggestion is plan ahead.  If some one's birthday is two months away decide what you want to buy them or make them now.  If you are rushing around trying to find them something the day of the chances are you will pay double.

*Gas-I know this is a hard one. The biggest way I save on gas is planning ahead.  If I have to go to the store I make sure and run every errand I can at the same time.  Another big thing is maintenance.  Make sure those tires are full at all times!

*Books and Movies- I will say it over and over, LIBRARY.  Hello it's free and nothing is better than free!  The library also has free classes and kids events.

*Entertainment-I know that here in Denver the museums have free days all year long.  Again I said FREE.  The crowds aren't much fun but it's worth it.

*Lunch-Let's face it lunch for work, school or even days out are expensive!  Make your own.  I allow my son to eat at school twice a week and make a lunch the other days.  I get creative and make things like corn dog muffins, or even burritos so that he isn't constantly eating sandwiches.  If you are spending a day at the museum pack a lunch and snacks.  Those lunches can get expensive.  I carry snacks in my car at all times for myself and the kids. 

*Budget-Every month I sit down and write all of my bills in a notebook.  I include all activities and anything else I might spend money on.  I add it all up and cross off each bill as it gets paid.  Not only does this keep me from forgetting to pay bills but it shows me exactly how much money I am spending every month.  This gives me a good picture on what I can cut down on.

I am literally always trying to find ways to save money.  It takes a lot of effort and a lot of planning but is completely worth it! If you have any questions or suggestions for other ways please let me know!

Monday, January 6, 2014

NYE 2014/The weekend of nothing

I am such a slacker with blogging.  It might have something to do with being busy and chasing a 2 year old constantly, or maybe I don't know what to talk about it.  I need to get my creative mind flowing.

NYE 2014

What can I say it was a fun drunken time!  There was some beer, some tequila, a whole lot of dancing and an after party.  I went with Nicole, her brother, and his two friends. I am always telling her brother how I have dance parties in my living room so we decided to do that after the bar.

We went to the Electric Cowboy again and they play a mix of country and hip/hop.  It is seriously my kind of place, I dance all night long!!

I even got laid lol by a lei of course geez.

Before the night started my niece was ready for a party...

Isn't she adorable??

The next day I was dying....seriously DYING.  I always say I can't do that shit anymore and do it anyway.  It's a blast while I am doing it but not the next 3 days....My niece passed out on the couch and looked like I was feeling

The weekend has been lame.  I got sick Thursday and haven't been up to doing much so we have been lazy.  I have gotten through three seasons of Breaking Bad.  Omg is that show addicting.  I happened to check my library list and had two other shows waiting for me...Revenge and Downton Abbey.  I'm glad I am off till Wednesday.
I have also been reading like crazy!  I finished Gone Girl.  So seriously Gillian Flynn as a sick twisted mind and I absolutely love it!  Next was Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich.  I used to be a big fan and the first 15 books were so good but the last 5 have been terrible.  It's like she has lost her humor.  I remember literally crying from laughing so hard throughout her books and now I read them and maybe crack a smile sometimes.  Next up is Gone by James Patterson and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  Being sick is no fun but at least I get some shows watched and books read!!
I was looking forward to doing the Jillian Michaels challenge this month but since I haven't been able to breathe I decided to meal prep and at least eat well this week! 

Goals for the week:


*Workout three times this week(I f I am feeling better)
*Eat clean 80% of the time
*No intentional sugar (cake, ice cream, donuts, cookies)


*Make canvas pics for my living room
*Clean my oven


* Eat from the pantry for a week out of the month to save on groceries

Happy Monday!