Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bachelorette Party Shenanigans and Some Goals

To say this weekend was fun would be a lie, it was a freaking blast!!

Friday I went to karaoke with my dad, Marcus and of course all our karaoke buddies there.  We had a great time! I even sang some new songs, which I never do because I'm so comfortable but I thought hey why not?

Saturday I got up and got all packed for this bachelorette party we have been planning for what felt like years but was a couple months.  The bride had no idea what we were doing, it was all a surprise.

The first thing we did was a pole dancing class.  It was so much fun and a great workout, win win!  I will say I don't have a future as a stripper damn because that shit is HARD for real!  I'd be up there like throw me some 20's this is hard work lol

We decided a hotel was needed for the night because nobody needed to be driving.  We had to get ready in our 80's neon outfits.  The bride wanted us to be the golden girls so I ironed on letters and decorated with puff paint.  Mine said "Bride's bitch Sophia" (Yeah I got to be the cool old lady), the other girls were Dorothy and Rose.  The Bride's said "Bride Blanche".  People thought we were nuts. The bride even had a double light up penis headband lol

 We went to dinner and had ALOT of tequila then headed downtown for some fun.

Yes that was her cake lmao

The Bride

The fingers from the cake might have been placed in random places, including crotches haha

We danced our asses off. We even had some dance offs and a girl who was clearly a real stripper kept getting in the way of our dance moves lol

Sunday morning was rough.  The bride and I went to eat and had to have a hair of the dog.
I don't remember what kind of mimosas these were except they had pomegranate in them but they were yummy!

I went and bought some brake pads for my car because I thought they needed to be replaced.  After taking off four tires I realized my front pads just needed some lube (twss).  I did a lot of working out this weekend without even trying!  Now on to really working out...

I read so many blogs and they always have monday goals.  I decided I NEED that so bad.  I have been slacking with food and working and really feel it. So here they are....

1. Food prep--I do this a lot anyway but I haven't been eating it. No more wasting food!

2. Get my butt up at 5am and workout.  I don't have any other time lately so I'm doing it.  That also means going to bed early...bummer

3. Workout at least 4 times this week.  It doesn't sound like much but its a start!

How was your weekend??

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

How about a music review??

So because I don't have the energy to come up with anything original or interesting let's have a music review shall we?

The other day I decided I needed some new music for all that driving I (still) do.  So I bought 5 CD's off amazon and copied one of my mom's.  It is all country.  Don't ask me why, I really wanted JT's had to be better than some of these.

Let's start with the good:

Love Is Everything, George's

Good ol' George.  This CD is really good.  Really slow and mellow but that's how I like it (twss).  Kind of brings me back to the early 90's when country music was good! I was going to tell you my favorite song on it but couldn't decide.  Just go get it!

Pistol Annies - Annie Up

Oh Miranda my love! If I was a lesbian......just kidding.  I have to say their first album was better but this one is decent and it's Miranda so who cares??  I just love their sound.  It's so different and not pop, thank goodness!

blake shelton - based on a

I have always been a fan of Blake but this CD is lacking.  It all kind of sounds the same, there aren't many stand out songs except Boys Round Here of course.  Don't waste your money...sorry Blake.

Craig Campbell Never Regret

I was a big fan of his first CD and loved him live.  This CD is pretty good, listen to it before you buy it though.

Review: Kacey Musgraves shines

I used to be a fan until I heard this CD. Do I really need to say anymore?? It's freaking terrible.  Every single song sounds the same and her singing voice doesn't come out much.

Lady Antebellum Golden

Ehh....It was ok.  There are maybe 2 good songs (my opinion).  They are too pop for me.  What the hell is with country these days?? I just want some REAL country music!!

No but seriously go buy won't regret it!!!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Who You'd Be Today

First of all let me say sorry for being M.I.A. I have been so busy moving, unpacking, working, being mom, baseball and having a new man that it's been hard to do anything, even sleep.  This mama's exhausted! Not to mention this is a horrible time of year for me.

*Warning there may be some pictures in this post that may disturb some, to me they are one of the most special things I will ever own.

Dear McKennon,

Today you would have been 2 years old. 

You would have been walking and trying to talk,

You would have been running around bumping your head and giving me a heart attack,

You would have been terrorizing Marcus, trying to be just like him,

I would be fantasizing about the kind of kid you will become

Would you be loud and ornery?

Shy and quiet?

Would you be saying full sentences right now?

Your grandparents would be spoiling you rotten every chance they got,

So many things in my life would be different.

You aren't any of these things. You are up in Heaven making sure I catch that beautiful sunset, taking the time to enjoy it.  Thinking of you in everything I do.  Wishing I was changing diapers and chasing you around.
Cuddling up with you reading a book. 

I miss you every second of everyday.  To say that it gets easier day by day is a lie.  It doesn't get easier but I have become more accepting.  You aren't coming back and there is nothing that can be done about it so I look at these pictures and get to remember spending just that very short amount holding you.

I know I will see you again someday and that will be the happiest moment of my life. I love you with all of my heart and there won't ever be a day that you aren't on my mind. Happy Birthday My Angel!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful Moms! Take the time to give your kids extra hugs and kisses this weekend.  Life is too precious to miss any of it!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Remember That Time When....and some Thursday thoughts

I am linking up today with Kimmy (one of the funniest people I know...or don't know) and Kira today for Remember that time when...

*Holly made me cookies.  I ate all of them and even licked the bag because they were so good....oh yeah that might have been today

*I puked outside of Holly's parents window after drinking a 40 and eating a whole bag of puffy cheetos?? Don't do it!

*Holly had to throw me over a fence because I was too short to climb it?? We were possibly running from the cops, I won't confirm or deny it

*I got left by myself in Vegas while the girl I was with did some guy in a hotel room and another in a car.  We are no longer friends

Random Thursday Thoughts (Yes these were some actual thoughts I had today)

-I wonder if Tupac had any kids? Maybe a son, he should be my age by now right?? lol

-If I eat a boiled egg, cucumbers, apples, cookies, string cheese, dark chocolate covered pomegranate and drink coffee for breakfast I will feel fantastic right?? WRONG!!!! 
Buy them! But don't, you might eat the whole thing!
-How come I can't quit smiling?? Oh that's right I'm happy! That hasn't happened in awhile

-My thoughts at work are usually said out loud and we usually do crazy things like put sweet and salty balls on the menu and wait for someone to notice

-Why haven't I bought any clothes from KiKi La'Rue before? This dress is amazing and I'm in love!

Yes I ask myself questions and answer them constantly. Insane I know!

Happy almost weekend everyone!!