Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Things worth paying for...

As we get older I think that we learn there are some things in life that we really have to pay good money for. I am a cheap ass, no really.  I hate spending money on anything.  As I've gotten older I have started spending money on myself more and noticed I no longer want cheap shampoo or cheap shoes.  I have figured out that when you spend more money on certain things they last longer and you don't have to buy them as often....duh

Here are some things I splurge on:

Shoes-I used to try and find the cheapest tennis shoes possible but now I pay for good ones.  I need the support and comfort...don't we all?

Shoe insoles- Recently I learned I have arthritis in my feet.  I went to the good feet store.  Ever been there? My advice DON'T!  They were trying to charge me 780 dollars for 3 USED insoles wtf?!  Anyway I found something similar on amazon for 35.  If they work I will be paying for more in the future!

Shampoo and Conditioner- As a couponer I usually get these free or really cheap but it's always brands like Herbal Essences and Pantene pro-v.  I went to a salon and they convinced me to buy some Regis shampoo and I will never EVER go back.

Mattress- I've always looked for really great deals on mattresses and usually end up with crap ones.  I don't sleep well or at all sometimes and kick myself for not spending the money on a really good one.  Anyone can a mattress they can't live without?  This is my next big spend.

Phone cases-  After my last incident I decided spending 50 dollars on a phone case to protect it is worth it.  It hurt but it will save me more money in the long run.

What do you splurge on?  What are your favorite tennis shoes? shampoo and conditioner?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yolo #3

I am so glad the summer is almost over!  Not because I'm ready for that white stuff but because I'm exhausted.  I have had a blast this summer and it's still not over.  I still have 2 more concerts in the next two weeks, a gambling trip, and my birthday.  So much fun but I'm ready to relax and lay on my couch.  For some reason with being busy I am managing to read a lot, not sure how that's happening but I love it!  I will do a post about what I've been reading.  Also I haven't had the motivation to blog but I have a ton of post ideas, hopefully I can get those going! 
First Up:
ZZ Ward

Oh Red Rocks you are so beautiful!

Amos Lee
This man can SING!  He's amazing!  Like a modern day Otis Redding which makes my heart happy!

My boyfriend got me 2 bouquets, balloons and a card for our 6 month anniversary.  Yes 6 months, we are cheesy...don't judge
My best friend Nicole decided she wanted a 13 going on 31 birthday party...mustache themed.  She loves mustaches so we made the party happen in my back yard!

Our friends Amber, Adam and their brand new baby complete with mustaches of course!

Nicole being silly!

We are creepy!

Her cool cake.  I free handed the mustache and her mom did it with the frosting because she has cake decorating skills and I do not
Jumping castle with my sister and niece in it!
Picture on the left is from her 26th birthday and the one on the right is from her 31st.  We don't look much older lol
The Rockies decided to retire Todd Helton's number.  I bought these tickets in January because I was so excited about it!
Nicole and I decided to pregame with some margaritas and chips and salsa.  I had to go light because I HAD to have a hot dog at the game, it's a must!

Nicole, Steve, Dorlene, Kevin and Terry.

We got goofy!


My baby started 6th grade:( Middle school next year, then after that he will probably get married and have kids.  That's how fast time is going...sad

We went to the lake again to jet ski.  This time Marcus' Dad, his wife, daughter and their friend came.  That picture is weird for a couple reasons.  I'm not supposed to be that good of friends with my son's step mom am I?  I just love her.  Second I just posted a picture of me in a bikini and don't regret it hmm...
I have been cooking my way through this cookbook and let me tell you EVERY recipe I have made so far is amazing, especially anything you bake.  I made chocolate swirled banana bread, lemon raspberry muffins and pumpkin waffles.  They are all delicious!! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life without cell phones

I went to the Santana/Rod Stewart concert last week and broke my phone.  (We will get to the weird of that concert in my next Yolo post)  I was a dancing fool and my *cough* *cough* 500 dollar phone was in my back pocket, slid out and the screen smashed on the concrete.  Ouch!  I had an LG and apparently when you break the screen of those they never work again.  I wish someone had told me that geez.  Anyway I could see that I had a million messages,emails and phone calls but couldn't get in my phone.  My alarm went off and I couldn't get it to stop so it went off every 5 minutes until I just threw it away.

I was without a phone for 16 hours and I thought I was going to die.  No actually I didn't.  I was relieved.  I didn't have to respond to anyone, I didn't check my facebook or instagram 5 million times or pinterest.  I didn't have to make sure I had my phone with me all day long you know...just in case. I didn't keep checking it just in case I didn't hear it. I didn't feel tied to a device.  Then I kept thinking when did I get so ridiculously addicted to this thing?

Then I started remembering back when there weren't cell phones.  What a simple life that was.

We had to get ahold of people with a home phone.  We didn't have Facebook to know what people are up to.  If you wanted to know what someone was doing you would go to their house or call them at home.  You didn't need Facebook to tell you anything.  If you didn't know, you just didn't know. 

I don't know about you but I LOVE text messaging.  Love it.  I absolutely hate talking on the phone so when they came out with texting I was in Heaven.  The problem is it's so lazy and impersonal.  What did we do before? Oh that's right wrote letters or notes.  That was so much more fun don't you think?

From now on I am making a better effort to stay off my phone and live in the moment.  It's so easy to spend hours on it not really paying attention to anything around but I want to live my life rather than watch everyone else's.

What's something you miss about pre-cell phone life??