Friday, October 31, 2014

Sinus Surgery and other happenings

Since January I have had 6 sinus infections and 3 double ear infections.  The last sinus infection in July decided not to go away so I sucked it up and went to a real doctor.  Every time I got sick I went to a Little Clinic because it was fast and easy.  I didn't have to make an appointment and they would give me my antibiotics and that was that.  What I really needed was an ENT specialist.  I finally went to one and he said my sinuses were a disaster basically and I needed surgery pretty badly.  So I did it.  

It was miserable.  It put me out for 5 days.  When he told me it was an outpatient surgery I figured it would be easy and I would recover pretty if.  There were stents up my nose for the first 6 days....if you don't know what those are then you don't want to.  Basically there were plates up my nose and when he removed them I almost wish he had put me to sleep again.  I was kind of looking forward to recovering because I could get some TV watched, books read, blogs written and projects done.  I got TV watched but that's about it.  

While sitting on my couch everyday I came across a post on FB from Mama Laughlin talking about a 21 day detox put on by her trainer.  I do not care what anyone says I'm still and always will be a ML fan.  I decided to join...why the helll not? The first three days were perfect because I couldn't smell or taste food so it didn't matter what I ate and it got me over the initial hard days.  Fast forward to today Day 12 and it's a big fat MF'in fail.  Oh well.  My boyfriend told me if you aren't all in then you aren't going to do the whole thing...I really hate when he's right.  One of my friend's decided to do it with me though and she is doing great!  She lost 7 pounds the first week.

So back to that whole balance thing I was talking about.  I thought a detox would send me in the right direction but it didn't.  I did decide to join a gym though.  Complete motivation!  If I'm paying for it I will go, I don't like to waste money!

In other news...My niece turned 3!

I went to a Blacklight Run....we didn't run but we had a blast!

And I threw my Aunt a surprise wedding reception...

Hopefully now that I feel better there will be some more blogging....How is everyone?  What's going on for Halloween?

Friday, October 10, 2014

I'd like to thank.....

This friday I would like to thank....

* The Full Moon for making everyone around me have no idea. If you work in healthcare you do

* The October Wallet Watch.  I have not had Starbuck's in 9 days and it's kind of rough but I've saved a shit ton of money

*My boyfriend for deciding we are going to the beach in February.  That means I have to get my ass in shape so I can roam around in a bikini for a week....EEK. I'm so excited! I haven't been to a beach since I was 15

*My best friend for moving in with me and making life so much more fun!

* The fact that I'm going to a beach in february for me turning down, pizza, bagel bites, grilled cheese sandwich and creamsicles all yesterday.  SO hard but I did it!

*My Aunt and her new husband for giving me a reason to throw a surprise party this weekend:)  They have been together 16 years and FINALLY got married. Pictures to come.

*These kids for helping me with dinner last night

*Trader Joe's for having EVERYTHING pumpkin...I mean they even had croutons
These both are delicious!

* Shakeology for getting me over my hangover last weekend.  I wish I could afford it all the time!

What's everyone doing this weekend?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things I love MORE than food

Yeah I said it.  It's hard to believe anyone can love anything more than food but when I started thinking about it there are MANY things.  I thought of this post while browsing Pinterest can you believe it?!  All I think sometimes is that my life revolves around food.  I'm either eating it, cooking it, looking for new recipes or dreaming about it.  Sad but true.  Anyone relate?  So today I'm naming some things or people I love more than food and maybe should be thinking about more....but considering my post yesterday I thought this was appropriate.

*Marcus-Of course I will always love him more than anything in this world

*My niece-She lights up everyone's lives and has this personality that keeps us all laughing

*My boyfriend-There isn't enough time to talk about how wonderful he is to me

*My family and friends of course.

Those are all the boring, everyone knows those answers

*The crisp fall air

*Putting on my pajamas and slippers-nothing like being comfortable

*Saving money grocery shopping-it's like an adrenaline rush sometimes when you realize you just saved 50% on your grocery trip (I know this kinda has to do with food but it doesn't all at the same time)

*Music!  This is probably my number 2.  I couldn't live in a world without music.

*TV- (Don't judge).  Who else is excited for all the new premieres?

*Pumpkin or Apple candles-anything fall really

*The beach....

*My number 1 will always be Sunsets

*Lists-writing them, crossing things off and throwing them away when they are complete. Anybody else?

*The smell of firewood, gas or any kind of lumber (yeah I'm weird)

*Books-of course...always.  Anybody reading anything I need to read right now?

What things do you love more than food?

Monday, October 6, 2014


I was looking back at some pictures from 2008 and 2009 and remembered that's when I started my actual fitness journey.  Then it stopped till about 2012.  When I was in high school I worked out 2-3 times a day.  What?! I know I was crazy, 2 gym classes and then sometimes the rec center after.  All of this while working two jobs and going to school.  I was probably crazy.  Then I think back to what motivated me all 3 times and it's all different.

High school -it was the fact that I HAD to take those gym classes to get through high school.  But once I was used to it I wanted more.  Kind of like an addiction but a good one.

2008-2009-I was just tired of not fitting in my clothes and my chubby face.  I would post a picture here but there really aren't any to show.  The problem was I didn't understand the whole abs are made in the kitchen or that cardio was not the way to go ALL the time.  I worked out like crazy but still ate like crap and drank like a fish.  I never could understand why I didn't lose weight or get in shape.  That's one of those "If I knew now...."

2012 I was going through the worst break up I've ever had and needed an outlet.  That's also how I discovered all the great blogs I read daily (or almost daily) and Instagram.  By this time I was a researcher and after all that learning I realized I needed to eat better and lift weights.  Who would have guessed I would have fallen in love with lifting weights?  In the summer of 2013 I was in the best shape of my life.  The funny thing is I really didn't eat wonderful then, workout much and even drank a whole lot.  The difference was I didn't constantly stress about it, I ate healthy probably 70 percent of the time and the other 30 I did what I wanted.  I worked out 3 times a week and I was happy.

I want to get back to that.  I want to find my balance.  I want to be able to indulge sometimes without binging.  I know it's all in my head but I'm ready.  I am having sinus surgery on the 15th so I won't be able to do much working out after that for awhile but I'm going to make it a point to eat paleo/clean 70 percent of the time.  This is going to be rough considering the holidays are coming but I will just make all the meals and make sure there are healthy choices.  But it starts today. In the past I have always needed a challenge or some kind of 14 day something to get started but this time I want to find a lifestyle not just a temporary thing.  

Here are some things I'm going to try to make an all the time thing:

*More Veggies.  I have a hard time with this.  I need to incorporate them in every meal

*Less sugar.  It's my weakness but I find if I don't eat it I won't crave it so the goal is to find sweet paleo options

*Try to get 10,000 steps a day.  I'm loving having a fitbit, it motivates me and reminds me I should be drinking more water and moving more.

*Meal Prep every.single.week.  This is hard but I've done it a million times before and I will do it again.  It keeps me from snacking and plus I love real food much more than junk.

*Small workouts 3 times a week or more if there is time.

Anyone else have trouble finding a balance with food?? I'm sure the whole world does!

Friday, October 3, 2014

I'd like to thank....

The academy jk

I'd like to thank...

Mimosas for putting me to bed at 4pm on Saturday.

RockStars for getting me through the weekend and week

My sinuses for making my life miserable and causing me to have surgery blah

Pinterest for letting me hoard all the shit I'm never going to make or cook.  That's kind of a lie, I make some of it

The Voice for coming back and completing my life.  Now if only it was on 7 days a week.  P.S. check out James David Carter on YouTube from the Voice.  I have been YouTube stalking him for awhile now and when he announced he was on the Voice I was so excited!

My child for running away from home and giving me 5 heart attacks (he was safe luckily)

My sister for watching the kids while I work a shit ton of hours this week, what was I thinking?

Anyone else have something that gets them through their week?  I may start doing this every week!