Friday, July 26, 2013

What baseball has taught me

Sorry for being absent, I have been so busy and haven't felt like hooking up my ancient laptop and waiting 3 hours to write and post.  My birthday is coming, someone want to buy me a new one?? lol

Today is the inspection on our new house, Monday is the appraisal, next Saturday my Dad and Aunt are throwing us a reception and then we hopefully close on the house the following week!  I CANNOT wait! I can't wait to live with my husband, I can't wait to not feel like a gypsy, I can't wait to have a routine again!  Then it is back to making up recipes and hopefully working out! The kids go back to school 3 days after we close....that's going to be a pain in the ass but I'm thankful we will be there before instead of after!

The other night I went to a Rockies game with my hilarious friend Dorlene.  As I was enjoying the gorgeous sunset of Colorado.  If you have never seen one, get here asap.  They are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, the mountain backdrop helps I'm sure.  I realized how much baseball has taught me!

My happy place
It's even better with beer

Let's start from the beginning...I HATED really!  I started going to karaoke when I was 21 and all of the people loved it.  I ignored it and always told them "baseball is stupid" "it's so boring".

One of them said come to a game with me I promise it won't be kicking and screaming I went.  Guess what?? I was hooked!  When you are at the game there is so much life, so much fun, so much emotion.
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This says it all

The true test was watching it on TV.  It is hard to pay attention, everyone looks the same, balls are flying (haha) and it is just hard to stay focused.  I watched slowly and with my friend's help learned about the game and who each player was. That helps a lot.

It just so happened that year not having any idea when I started loving the game, they went to the world series.  Of course it was against none other than the Red Sox.  I could not get enough of baseball after that! 

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As you learn about the players, you learn they are nothing like basketball or football players.  Yes they make mistakes and there are certain ones (*cough* Jeter *Cough*) that like to be the center of attention but seriously how much do you know about baseball players and their personal lives?? Not much I'm sure of it!

I Hate crowds, they make me crazy!  I get claustrophobic and don't look forward to going somewhere where I know there will be a lot of people.....except a baseball game.  A crowd there doesn't bother me one bit.

Heart....these players have a ton of it.  They love the game and you can feel it just watching them.  They have their good games and bad games but overall whether they win or lose they still get to do something they love for a living. 

The excitement-When you are at a game and they are winning or losing the fans are some great cheerleaders.  We may have to rally ALOT but if you are a true fan, that's what you do.
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It has taught me to not give up.  At the end of that game even if they are losing they don't give up.  I have tried to do that with life.  It doesn't happen most of the time but every time I go to a game or even just watch one it reminds me.  I cheer, jump up and down, get excited, get sad, get mad....all the emotions that come with life. 

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If you want something go for it....what's the worst that can happen?

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What about you? What do you love about baseball? Football??

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the sentence Part 500

Finish the sentence? Why not!
If I had one extra hour in the day... I would probably play more candy crush...

I wish my name... would be Gina. Oh wait my bff already calls me that "Dammit Gina" Who knows what that's from?;)

I think anything chevron is... is annoying already!

My last nightmare... I got chastised for calling my niece a devil child by her dad's family.  Who knows where that came from? lol

Sometimes... I wish our cars were bumper cars and I could bump people out of my way!

My last meal on earth would be... Anthony's pizza, hot cheetos, rocky road ice cream and a cherry pepsi

I would much rather... be with my husband right now. It has been a long 11 days....

Mayonnaise... is alright but Miracle whip is where it is at!

10 years ago, I didn't think...I would be married. I always thought it was a joke

Selfishly... I like to ignore everyone with a glass of wine and a book

My favorite show on TV right now... Dexter....the last is so sad

And, George Zimmerman... no comment. Florida likes murderers I guess

Happy Thursday! Thank god it's my friday:)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's talk books

Hi there! Did you miss me? Probably not lol that's ok. I haven't been in a blogging, working out kind of mood lately. I think once I get into our house things will change. For the next ten days I am staying with my grandpa while my grandma goes out of town. It will be good for me because there will be no eating out and I will be bored out of my mind. Lots of workouts in my future for sure, oh and westerns....millions of those! Plus it will be a routine and I can eat healthy! Not only that but I get to spend some quality time with my grandpa....can't forget that. Anyway I have been finding time to read lately so I thought I would share a few of them and what I thought
I LOVE Janet Evanovich....usually.  This book is just Ok.  Her usual humor hasn't been in her last couple of books and it's so sad. 
If you have ever read any of her Lucy Kincaid books, this is another one in the collection.  It took me a little while to get into it but when I did it was hard to put down.
Everyone kept telling my Jennifer Weiner was this great author but this book wasn't great.  It was a cute story, kind of a Thelma and Louise type story.  I am not sure I would read any of her other books though.

I LOVED this book.  Everyone kept saying how great it was and it truly was.  The ending was a shocker but this book will definitely go on my favorites list!

One of these days I am going to add a books tab to my blog, I am kind of blog retarded though.  Maybe I need some hubby jack magic!

In these ten days I plan on reading a whole lot!  Working on Reconstructing Amelia right now...stay tuned.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!!