Friday, July 17, 2015

Bucket List

What's that you say I'm blogging?? Actually it's kind of a quick stop by. Hello anyone that still reads!

Lately I've been going through and working through a lot of emotional things.  One of the things I have decided to do is to take care of me.  I don't do that often and it's about time.  So I'm making a bucket list and checking that shit off little by little! There are so many things I want to see and so many things I want to do.  I am paying my very last school loan payment next month(after 13 years) and then using that money to travel and do fun things!  I don't really have an order quite yet or a whole list but I will be adding on.

1. Going to Boston.  I have never been to the East Coast, except the philly airport (doesn't count).  One of my best friend's just moved about 45 minutes outside of there.  While I'm there we are going to a Red Sox game, Salem, Pub Crawl, Maine and she has some other things planned.  All of that can be checked off my list.  All places I want to see and experience...oh and the leaves! Plane tickets and Red Sox tickets bought for the end of September woohoo!!

2. Ireland.  Someone told me to go in March because it is the most beautiful even though it's cold. I want to see it ALL. Ok that probably won't happen but that's ok

3. Sky Diving. Makes me queasy thinking about it but I will love it

4.  Watch a Sunset on the ocean.  I don't even care where

5. Garth Brooks. Check Check

6. Reba Mcentire.  I've been to a million concerts but never to see the one person that started my love for singing

7.  See a Broadway Play

8. Throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands

9. Pay for a Stranger's groceries.  I am so strict with where my money goes but one day I will do this

10. Hollywood. Walk of Fame. Rodeo Drive. you know

11. Kiss my boyfriend under the Eiffel tower-I know cheesy

12. Have a 100% technology free day.  It's possible and may come soon

13. Vist the Wizarding World of Harry potter. I'm a nerd I know

14. Set Foot on all 7 Continents

15. Take my mom and dad on a vacation of their dreams. (seperate)

16. Visit every U.S. Landmark

17. Ride in a hot air balloon

18. Eat Pizza in Italy

19.  Watch The CMT awards in person

20. Get a college degree-working on it

21. Vist all 50 states and their baseball and football stadiums (if they have them)

That's good for now and I feel like there are so many other bucket list items within the bucket list items.

What are your bucket list items? Anything I MUST do?

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions 12 days late? Oh well they have to happen sometime.  They aren't really resolutions but more like some goals for the year, in a list because that's how I roll.

* Step away from my phone...I'm talking about trivia crack or candy crush mostly.  That ish is addicting

*I have 8 weeks to be beach ready.  I'm mostly just trying to eat well until then.  After Christmas binging I have not even craved bad foods, this must be a dream.  I have been eating great and feel great (except this stupid sinus infection).  We decided to just go to Mexico. There's a lovely virus from a mosquito going around the Caribbean that can last 6 months, I don't even want to chance that.  My poor Grandma has it in Puerto Rico:(

Also I bought a goal bikini...eeek.

16452320 (180×180)

*Spend more time with Marcus.  Kick him off the video games to pretend he loves me is what I mean.  I get so comfortable with him in his room and me in the living room but he's almost 12 and growing so fast.  he won't care much about his mom soon so I want to soak up as much as I can!

*Read 50 books.  I read 54 last year and it's possible I might read more but probably not so 50 was reasonable.

Speaking of books, have you read this yet? LOVE

81J+9qYEqYL.jpg (1400×2108)

*Buy a new car.  Lately every time I turn around there is something wrong with my car.  If I'm going to fork out the money to fix it I might as well buy a new one.

*I have until the end of April to declutter my whole house...completely.  I have done 1/4 of it already.

That's about it.  What are your resolutions or goals for the year?