Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tomato Beef Stroganoff

Last night I really wanted pasta and brown gravy, don't ask me why.  So I thought I would make Beef Stroganoff, and then I was disappointed when I learned I didn't have any cream of mushroom.  So I started looking at what I have and I had tomato soup, Hey why not?? So here is this delicious dish that tastes even better the next day:)

Stew Beef
Brown Gravy
Can of tomato soup

Cook linguine. I automatically add olive oil, garlic and onion to most of my dishes.  That's just my thing and it always starts a dish off with flavor.  So that's what I did and then I added the beef and browned it.  When it was brown I added a cup of water.  I could have added beef broth but the gravy already added enough salt and I didnt want too much sodium in there.  I then added my packet of brown gravy, you could make your own but that's what I had on hand.  I mixed it all up and let it come to a boil.  Then I added the soup amd vegetables.  When the vegetables were nice and hot I mixed in the noodles and let them cook together for about 5 minutes to let the flavors mingle.  Very simple and keep in mind you can substitute any part of this dish and make it your own!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Once a Month Grocery Shopping

About a week ago I came across a blog that blew my mind.  She has a family of four and lives on 14,000 a year.  WHAT??!! One of her key ways of saving money was once a month grocery shopping.  She spends a couple days once a month shopping and preparing all of the food for the freezer or fridge.  If you get a chance read it!  It was so inspiring to me that I went back through my budget and discovered I spend way more a month on groceries than I should!  I have been trying to pay off bills, create some savings and save to get some work done on my car.  I might actually meet these goals if I really focused.  So from now on thats what I will do.  I have become extremely frugal lately making my own peanut butter, laundry soap, dishwashing soap, curtains, decor for my house (thank goodness for pinterest).  I am working on finding more ways to save money!  So for the next few months here are some of my goals:

-Make my own bread (Savings $6 a month)
-work my way towards once a month grocery shopping (Savings $50 a month)
-Start meal planning again
-Pay off my last credit card yay! (savings $50 a month)
-Start doing my one skillet meals again
-Paint my laundry room (last room I have to paint)

I think 6 will do for now! I don't want to give myself too much, I do have work and school also!  Well I'm off to do some painting and crafting, I will post pics later!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's been awhile

Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile.  Ive been pretty busy. Some fun stuff, some not so fun stuff.  The fun stuff includes Cheyenne Frontier Days, Blake Shelton, Lee Brice, Brantley Gilbert, the Denver Broncos and an 80's cover band named Hairball!  I have also registered for school and been making lots of jams. The not so fun stuff is splitting up with my fiance and trying to get through the emotions of being a single mom again and going through my angel's stuff.  Its been rough but I have always been the strong one and will get through it!

Here is a simple one skillet meal:

Fideo, Hamburger and Mixed Vegetables

Cook Ground Beef, drain and set aside. 
Make my Fideo, when it is almost done add the mixed vegetables or any vegetable you choose.
Then add hamburger until it is all mixed together and warm.  How simple is that?!