Monday, June 25, 2012

Dinner Plan 6/24 to 6/30

Luckily I found out I do not need a gluten free diet anymore but am still trying to eat healthy. This week we are cleaning out the pantry.
Sunday 6/24
Turkey spaghetti
Mixed vegetables
Monday 6/25
Chicken salad on a roll
Tuesday 6/26
BBQ Meatballs
Tossed salad with strawberries and blueberries
Wednesday 6/27
Marinated Chicken Drumsticks
Mashed potatoes
Thursday 6/28
Dinner out
Friday 6/29
Pepperoni Pizza
Saturday 6/30

Fifty Shades Darker

Well I finished the second one and have started the 3rd. Let's just say its not disappointing! The second one reels you in just as easily as the first!

Sunflowers and Canvas Prints

A year ago there was a field by our house full of sunflowers. I don't know about you but sunflowers put a smile on my face, especially a whole field of them!!
So while looking at pinterest there were a ton of DIY canvas prints, so I decided to make them for the entryway of our house. They weren't hard and it was my first experience with
Modge podge-the aerosol kind.
The field also inspired me to grow my own sunflowers and they are beautiful! Out here with our desert like heat and clay soil it is difficult to grow anything but sunflowers seem to like it!

Do it yourself canvases are easy!  I bought the canvases at Ross for 7 dollars (for both).  Then figured out what pictures to put on the wall and had them printed at Costco for 5 dollars.  I then modge podged them on the canvas.  I did use the aerosol modge podge and was not impressed.  If you use the regular modge podge with a paint brush it really does look like a canvas!  I modge podged the picture on and let it dry then did the top.  You can sand down the sides to make it look more rustic or just leave it!  I finally got these up after finishing my entryway/laundry room!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey

There has been some controversy about this book and its perfectly understandable. It is X Rated for sure. But it is also as good as they say it is. It had me enthralled for less than 24 hours. I am a fast reader normally but this one was extremely hard to put down. It isn't just a book about sex it is also a love story. It is HOT! This is definitely not a cheesy romance novel. Very Highly Recommended! I'm buying the 2nd one tomorrow!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chocolate Covered Katie

If you have not heard of her, get over to her website right away!
She has made desserts healthy. As someone who likes to eat their dessert before their dinner this was amazing! I made these this morning for breakfast and they did not disappoint.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello Morning Glory!

Today was my first successful gluten free baking day! Yay!

I have been told by many people that in order to make GF baking taste better that you have to add lots of sugar and unhealthy things to it. I searched and searched based on what I had on hand and these are what I found.

Morning Glory Muffins

Can't wait to wake up to these babies every morning for the next week. I didn't have the raisins for them but they turned out delicious anyway.

Raspberry Banana Muffins

These are so moist they practically melt in your mouth!

And last but not least, the beautiful
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have to say it wasn't as complicated as I once thought!

Gluten Free Dinner Plan 6/10-6/16

This is our second week eating gluten free. It hasn't been too bad except that I desperately miss bread. I made some gluten free bread and took 2 bites and almost threw up. I know that's too much information but being honest! A friend of mine recommended a couple different mixes, so more experimenting I will do. Today looks like a good day for some muffins (post to follow). Thank goodness for pinterest, I mean seriously whoever thought of it was a genius. Almost everything on this weeks menu was from it.
Sunday June 10th
Spicy Sweet Pork Tacos
Spanish Rice
Steamed Green beans
Monday June 11th
GF Panda Orange Chicken
Over brown rice
Stir Fry Vegetables
Tuesday June 12th
Chicken Burgers
Leftover Pasta Salad
Wednesday June 13th
Slow Cooker Cube Steaks
Mashed Potatoes
Thursday June 14th
Marinated Chicken Drumsticks
Fried Potatoes
Roasted Broccoli
Friday June 15th
Spaghetti with Sweet Italian Turkey sausage
Saturday June 16th
Sausage, Tomato, red bean, rice and green beans (one skillet)

Catching Fire

Well after weeks of trying to read it I have given up. It just isn't a good book. The writing isn't good and the story just didn't keep my attention. I don't understand all of the fuss over these books!

Off to better books (hopefully)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gluten Free Italian Pasta Salad

Italian Pasta Salad is a perfect summer dish, its great for warm weather and if you leave the cheese out it will last in the heat. Since we have been eating gluten free this was made with gluten free pasta. I have to say its different, good but different. I'm one of those people that like to throw many things in one dish, so feel free to substitute whatever you have.

GF Pasta ( I used Heartland)
Green beans
Shredded Cheese
GF italian dressing if you have it, if not use olive oil mixed with italian seasoning, salt and pepper
Handful of Turkey Pepperoni

Cook the pasta based on directions. Dice carrots, celery, green beans, cucumbers, and pepperoni. When the pasta is done, drain it and rinse it in cold water. If you have time let it cool or just keep rinsing and it will cool off. When it is rinsed and drained add the rest of the ingredients. Refrigerate.

I always find pasta salad tastes better the day after!

Sausage, Red Beans and Rice

I discovered Cajun food many years ago and although I experimented with many different meals this one has always been a favorite! I learned in New Orleans they always add bell pepper, onion and celery to their dishes, it is called the holy trinity.
Sausage (Beef, Pork, Turkey)
Rice- whatever you prefer
Red Beans
Green Bell Pepper
Cajun Seasoning
Cook Rice. Dice onion, garlic, celery and pepper. Heat oil in a pan on medium heat, when its hot add the onion, garlic, celery and pepper. Cut the sausage into quarter sized pieces and add to the pan. Stir often until the onion is soft and the sausage is brown. Add the rice and a few shakes of the cajun seasoning, serve when warm.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Gluten Free Dinner Plan 6/3-6/9

Cutting out gluten has been difficult to say the least but I found some great recipes that I am excited to try. I might even try my hand at GF baking!

Sunday June 3rd
Dinner with Family (Gluten Free)

Monday June 4th
Quinoa Confetti Salad -I realized I didn't have a couple of the ingredients so I substituted, but overall it was good!

Tuesday June 5th
Turkey Sloppy Joes
Carrot Fries

Wednesday June 6th
Beef Fried Rice

Thursday June 7th
Chicken and Veggie Nuggets
Italian Pasta Salad (Recipe to follow Thursday)

Friday June 8th
Parmesan Chicken (Recipe to follow)
Salad with cucumbers and carrots

Saturday June 9th
carrots, celery and cucumbers