Monday, November 25, 2013

Thread Eleven Facebook Challenge

When I saw thread eleven was doing another fitness challenge I jumped at the chance. I hadn't worked out in months and I knew it would be a kick start to getting my ass back in shape. It was a 2 month challenge and to be honest that first month I ate clean maybe 70% of the time and didn't work out once....oops.

The second month though I kicked butt, including doing the advocare 10 day cleanse.  Is that cheating? I didn't do it to cheat I promise. Just wanted to eat better and I did!

Here are my results:

Starting weight 129.4
Waist 34"
Hips 37.5
Legs 22.5
Arms 11.5

Weight 123.2
Waist 32
Hips 36
Legs 21.5
Arms 11

Pretty good for a month!! Anyone have any other good challenges coming up? It would be nice not to gain weight over the holidays:)