Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm magic...

and by magic I mean I disappeared from blogging for a few.  Truthfully I just don't have the time to blog at all.  It's easy to sit down and write something but to get pictures on here and truly plan things out, I just don't have the energy anymore.  Maybe after the holidays.

Speaking of holidays...besides 2 Starbuck's gift cards for Marcus' teachers I am completely 100% DONE Christmas shopping, including stocking stuffers.  For years I didn't enjoy Christmas because I was always so stressed out.  This year I decided I was going to stay on top of it at home and work.  That also includes everything wrapped and ready to go.  The only thing I have left are some candied almonds but those can't really be done yet or they won't taste fresh.  I am a black friday shopper every.single.year.  Do I regret it? Feel bad? hell no!

What else is going on?

I have been decluttering my house and putting together a garage sale pile for the Spring.  Why you ask? You guessed it, I'm moving again...BIG surprise haha This time we are moving in with the boyfriend.  Him and I want to buy a house but we want to take our time really looking and finding exactly what we want and his lease is month to month.  SO that means moving from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment.  It's actually great to downsize.

I have been working out ALOT.  I love it. I have been joining the 5am club and doing mostly weight lifting.  It's my favorite.  I also did the 3 day refresh from Beachbody.  It's 3 shakes, a fiber drink and only fruits and veggies.  No meat.  I was pretty sure I would die but actually it was fine.  I wasn't starving.

My mom had hand surgery.  She has tendonitis that turned into rheumatoid arthritis (something I get to look forward to).  So for 3 weeks I was taking care of her when I could and doing extra work at work because she was out.  Of course it had to be extra crazy at work too.  Healthcare during the holidays and anywhere near a full moon is nuts and it doens't help when you actually work with people that are nuts haha

My name is Analisa and I have a concert problem...I might have gone to 2 concerts back to back last month.    I really hated myself after it too.  I also discovered I can't drink anything but wine without getting sick anymore #oldbitch.

I had 2...yes 2 Thanksgiving's.  The joys of divorced parents.  Both traditional, turkey and all.

And that my friend's is why I haven't been blogging.  I noticed a lot of people have been taking a break.  Not a bad thing.

What's been going on? Christmas shopping done?


  1. You and me are in the same boat. I can write stuff all day long but getting together pictures is a pain in the butt. I'm going to try and get better at it.

    Also, you are a nomad seeing as you move 32908423084208 times a year. I would want to punch everyone if I moved as much as you do lol. :)

  2. Girl - you're not lying - I feel like I never have the time to blog regularly either. Maybe we need to start a Blog Challenge like we do our FitBit Challenges?