Monday, December 29, 2014

Why I quit counting calories

Thanks to Skinny Meg I hired her macros coach just for a quick session.  She made me realize calories shouldn't count if I'm eating balanced foods.  I mean did I really need to hire someone for that?

I also realized I am not drinking enough water even though I always thought I was...

I started weighing my food.  Sounds time consuming and yes it is a little bit but those packages are WRONG.

She made me realize that 4 glasses of wine are almost half my carbs for the whole day...ouch

She also told me when I am working out and recording my workouts NOT to eat back those calories, which I always do.

So here I am trying hard to hit those macros everyday.  I did it perfect the first day and haven't been able to do it since.

I am also selling my polar if anyone is interested?  I realized I have been so obsessed with how many calories I actually burn that if it's low I am disappointed.  It doesn't matter that I just spent an hour lifting weights and only burned 150 calories, I am starting to see progress in my body.  That is what counts!

So from now on I will not be counting calories, only macros and working out to feel good.

It's kind of freeing actually....


  1. I hate the low calorie burn I get with weightlifting too. Good luck with the macro counting!