Monday, November 10, 2014

Empty Nest Syndrome

I know that empty nest is supposed to be for couples when their kids go off to college or move out but I think I'm feeling it.

My niece moved back with her mom and dad, who are doing so great!  I love that she's back with them but I feel an emptiness.  I was her mom for a year.  It was only a year but we got so used to having her around that it's sad.  We had a routine down and Marcus liked having her around.

Marcus goes to his Dad's on the weekends, my best friend is gone working or at her boyfriend's most of the time so my house on the weekend is empty.

Friday nights I usually go to my boyfriend's and we go to dinner and sometimes a movie.  Friday we went to dinner, got froyo and then watched about feeling old!

Having an empty house is nice to a point because I can clean it and declutter and do all those projects I've been putting off.  It should be nice but really it's kind of depressing.  I love being a mom.  Kids may drive me crazy but not having them around is boring.

The rest of this weekend I got some Christmas stuff done, my haircut, spent WAY too much money, went to Ikea and bought too much stuff, ate lots of pizza, drank lots of wine and did a ton of laundry.

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It was productive but I need a hobby!  I may start working out all weekend long haha just kidding but seriously someone give me some hobbies to do??


  1. If we lived closer, we'd probably be at each other's places all the time. Time for a visit to NJ!! :)

  2. I don't have a ton of hobbies but I read. A LOT. I'm thinking of picking up the guitar again and learning to sew (thanks to YouTube and all the free lessons).

    I think frozen yogurt and Dateline sounds like a great night!